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I am primarily an artist. Because of so much interest in art and events in my life, I dared to start
as a full time artist in 2010. I don't regret anything that's happened, because I believe, all that happened so that I can be here and be who I am.

You will find my work back from 1984 in Archive under Gallery. People are sometimes interested
in these. If they are gone, the replica can be commissioned with the advantage of
selecting the size, changing the colors, focus, or mood, if applicable. Replica is as good as the
original and sometimes even better - made just for you.

I found, that the most challenging art is portraiture. Someone once said, "If you
can do a portrait, than you can do everything".

In today's busy life I prefer to work from photos, but if time is not an issue
I encourage you to let me do your portrait in my studio. The details will be discussed.


Joseph Coban - fine artist

Ottawa - Ontario - Canada


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